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Al Madina Group Of Companies
P.O.Box : 283371, Al Qouz Mall , Al Qouz Ind.Area :3 , Dubai-UAE
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Mafahem Al Madeena Trading Est.
P.O.Box: 43231
Islamabad Street, Al Mansoora
Riyadh 11561 - Saudi Arabia
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Jabal Al Noor International Trading
Industrial Area 29- Wakalath Street
Doha - Qatar
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Electronics Middle East
P.O. Box: 608, Pc: 117
Al Wadi Al Kabir
Sultanate Of Oman
Tel: +968 97754077

Etronix Middle East Co. Limited
(Guangzhou office) 1718, 17th Floor,
Fu Li International Trade Centre, Li Wan
Area,Guangzhou, China PC: 510160
Tel: +86 20 2628 4317, +86 20 81 002425

About Al Madina Group

/About Al Madina Group

A group that spells affordability and quality; Al Madina Group has come a long way since it started its journey almost four decades back. From a small step taken in 1971 to the confident retail solutions giant; Al Madina has become synonymous with a unique and exhilarating shopping experience for the modern savvy customers.

A Group that has consistently grown based on quality, freshness and customer confidence; the Madina Group has become a trendsetter in the UAE Retail sector. With more than three decades of strong market presence has helped position Al Madina group today in most retail segments fathomable.

Our diverse business activities help us strategically grow into various focused verticals while maintaining our niche area of operations as Supermarkets & Department Stores.

Today Al Madina Group is a household name in the supermarket and department store business. Our USP lies in the fact that we sell for the masses. Freshness, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction are the benchmarks which define the Al Madina Group. The Group has branched off into several verticals, each serving a group of niche clients, niche lifestyles, and niche market segment. Grocery, Fresh foods, Fruits & Vegetables, Bakery Products, Meat Products, Cosmetics & Body Care, Garments, Home Appliances, Footwear, Household Items, Stationery and many more.

Some of the values that define Al Madina Group are:
  • Customer-centricity: We acknowledge that the customers are the be-all and end-all for our business.
  • Quality: Our high-standard of quality has won us strong customer loyalty over the years.
  • Innovation: We strongly believe in re-inventing the wheel time after time to ensure our customer’s changing needs are unswervingly met, each time, every time.
  • Community –We strongly believe in being a responsible group and giving back to the community that has helped us reach various milestones.
  • Suppliers – We believe in building and enjoying a long term relationship with our valued suppliers based on trust and transparency.

With an astounding network of retail, departmental and supermarket network in the Dubai-Sharjah area; Al Madina Group forecasts capturing around 25% of the population living in that area.


Quality is not a matter of choice at Al Madina Group. Rather, it is a way of business we live by. Each step in all our business verticals, dealings with vendors, clients, business partners and customers reflects our commitment to quality.
We not only implement the principals of TQM in our retail merchandising and marketing programs, but we also ensure those same principals within our internal operations. The result is a Group that is fully dedicated to Quality in every aspect of our work.
We are so committed to quality that we ensure any goods purchased through our vendor network meets the same quality standards that defines Al Madina Group before it reaches our customers.
We are so committed to quality that we ensure any goods purchased through our vendor network meets the same quality standards that defines Al Madina Group before it reaches our customers.


Successful customers and successful communities create a successful group. Our focus is on providing the highest industry standard of service; therefore we are always keen
to know what our customers think we do well or where we could improve on.
We have built our reputation by caring about our customers, partners and communities. While we love to hear from our customers about what we do well, we are just as keen to hear when we have not met our customers’ expectations or their suggestions for improvement.
At Al Madina Group, we are always keen to hear from our customers and find out ways to improve our services.


The group is managed by team of chartered accountants, certified management accountants and talented management professionals. The management performance of the group is based on a philosophy of strong partnership, solid empowerment and devolved decision making. This mechanism has contributed to the success of the company operation and has enhanced its role as a major player in the market place. The result has been loyal and long-term relationships
with commercial partners and reputable customers from all over the world. Senior managers of each business department are the key decision makers relating to their core business and form an integral part of the company’s top management, participating in the formulation of strategy and ensuring consistency of brand Madina throughout its markets.

Every member of our highly experienced workforce is handpicked for their outstanding skills and expertise. Each department has a well trained team that follows an organized chain of command; ultimately reporting to a director who is actively involved in the operations.

The company takes a long-term view to the business, assuring sustainability, reliability and consistency from the viewpoint of business partners and customers alike. This philosophy has translated into a highly motivated staff, all industry professionals in their own right, and eager to meet the requirements of customers. With the business environment undergoing rapid changes, it is essential that the management be well polished with corporate skills and deep understanding of the industry. We have a proven track record of equipping our employees with the skill and confidence necessary for handling client relationships. We adopt a systematic approach in furnishing our team with knowledge and understanding of various issues and its impact on the organization.

Goverment Partners:

Al Quoz Mall pleased to introduce its two prestigious Government Partners, the Emirates Identity Department (EID) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Both are located strategically on premises and are constantly bustling with large crowds of visitors daily.